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Naz-ar Treatment started its activities in 2007 as a small sole proprietorship in a 200 m2 workplace in the new industrial site. It has taken the first steps of its future success in its first year by creating the infrastructure that forms the basis of quality and standard production with day and night work with the aim of preparing all the technical documentation of the products to be manufactured first. By planning to provide foreign currency inflow from abroad as the second goal, the most important step was taken for the promotion of its products abroad by participating in a relevant international fair the next year. Although it is an enterprise of five people on 200 m2 with its mission and vision, it has set its goals on the way to become a large and international company and established the ISO 9001 quality assurance system in 2009, and right after, it has very limited steps in reaching its goals by registering the Nazilli Artım and Naz-ar brands on the way to branding. Despite the odds, he succeeded. It accelerated its efforts to reach its export targets with its overseas travels in the same year, and in 2010, it managed to reach a significant export figure with its sales to Greece, then Syria Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Saudi Arabia, with its low but high quality production at European standards. As a result of these efforts, the number of people trying to grow the business started to increase and the need for a new and larger structure gradually increased. With the need for growth, it moved to its new factory built on a 5000 m2 land in Nazilli Organized Industry at the beginning of 2014, and it continues on its way with confident steps towards its bigger targets, better quality production, a more corporate structure and team spirit.

Mud and Muddy Water Pumps

This is the horizontal single stage centrifugal pump with open impeller. Pump bodies and inner parts of the pump in contact with the liquids are coated with special antiabrasive rubber. Double mechanical seals are made of special antibrasive materials. The pump has a direct coupling axle-motor, and mechanical seals with autonomous cooling system. This horizontal pump is designed for the following areas and services: • General discharge services at marble, iron metallurgy, chemical, industrial factories and paper mills. • Marble, granite and stone cutting plants. • Suction and transfer of sludge, high abrasive liquids, sands

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Waste Water Treatment Systems

The water coming from the process is sent to the silo by a vertical centrifugal pump. A dosing pump injects a solution of flocculants into the delivery pipe. Inside the silo, the mud is trapped by polyelectrolytes. Clean water overflows from the silo’s top and is collected into a proper collecting well and then sent to the working line by a pump. A pneumatic valve discharge the mud to a mud mixing tank. The mud is taken by a filter press feeding pump and sent to the filter press for dehydration. The filter press seperates water coming from the mud and sends it again in the cycle, and stores the dry mud into a container to be collected for disposal.

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